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Holtkotter Lighting at Neenas Lighting

Holtkotter Floor Lamps

Holtkötter's design philosophy follows the Bauhaus school of thought: Good product should include sound engineering, aesthetic appeal and precious materials. It is therefore no surprise that Holtkötter is synonymous with " The Ultimate Lighting Machines." For more than three decades, Neena's and Holtkötter have been partners in sharing the same attitude towards excellence in lighting.

A lamp or lighting fixture ... Read more > for Holtkötter is first and foremost a functional product. “Licht machen”, to make light, is Holtkötter's first responsibility. Once this function is fulfilled, a beautiful form will follow, made with precious materials and dedicated workmanship. The result is perfect lighting for your home or business, accommodating and enhancing all environments, from traditional to contemporary.

To clad the function of "licht machen" into a beautiful form has been taught to Holtkötter by the bauhaus school of Germany and Holtkötter's founder Franz Holtkoetter. Since he founded the company in 1964, Holtkötter has produced lighting machines using manufacturing methods that are steeped in the German Handwerkstradition—craft tradition.

Holtkötter has been manufacturing chandeliers and lamps in Germany for more than 40 years. They are one of a handful of companies left that still design their own fixtures and do their own manufacturing from the raw metal to the finished product, resulting in chandeliers and lamps of lasting quality.

Holtkötter's reason for being is defined by Holtkötter's manufacturing tradition, by Holtkötter's manufacturing expertise, and by Holtkötter's dedication to quality. Holtkötter's future will be shaped by their continued devotion to the technical, functional and design challenges of lighting.

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